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Most atheists appeal to a sense of morality that is based on humanism. Humanism seeks to advance the human experience (morality) on the presupposition that there are human rights.  As Christ followers, we do believe that there are human rights that are based on God's love for mankind and humanity.  Each and every human being is uniquely created with inestimable value and dignity!  Further,  we have a obligation and a duty  to respect one another as human beings because God has created us in his image.  Thus, there is a requirement for human rights, justice and personal liberty.  The real quest becomes ... What do Atheist or Humanists base their reason or rational on as to  why human beings have rights?   Who establishes those rights and by what authority are they derived?  Can they be revoked or changed?

Tip:  Andy Bannister provides a short solution for why Christ followers believe in human rights and why each person has value and significance.  If you have a dialog - this is a very useful point that you can use in your discussion!