Challenge: Believe Something for Which There is Absolutely NO Evidence.

By Jason Wisdom - Because it's True  7-21-14

In recent years, I have heard many atheists say that faith means believing something for which there is no evidence. Some have even suggested that faith means persisting in belief despite good evidence to the contrary. Even more alarming to me is the fact that I have recently interacted with a number of Christians who agree that faith is (at least primarily) about choosing to believe when there is no evidence. 

A lot has been said in recent months/years by Christian defender's of the faith on this matter, so I will not go into great philosophical depth here. If you want to hear a good exchange on the topic, I suggest listening to a recent debate between Peter Boghossian and Tim McGrew that you can find on the "Unbelievable" podcast. In this space, I simply want to offer a challenge and a few thoughts. Here is the challenge:

I challenge you to choose to believe something for which there is literally NO evidence. 

You can come up with your own example, but suppose I challenged you to believe that there was a pink elephant in your bedroom. Could you do it?

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