Jesus vs Muhammad: 33 Striking Differences

By James Bishop, February 20, 2015 - Historical Jesus Studies


I think many will be surprised at just how divergent Jesus and Muhammad really were on just about every level of their existence. Because of the controversial teachings of Muhammad it is no wonder that 70% (IHRC) of the world’s refugees are Muslims attempting to flee Islamic theocracies. We also find that most of these Muslims are fleeing to traditionally Christian strong nations, and I believe this set of 33 differences will vividly illustrate why this is so. All that really needs to be done is to go straight to the very founder of each of the Christian and Islamic religions, that it the purpose of this blog article.

Just a brief side note, the first seven points are fleshed out more than the rest (points 8-33) as they needed more detailing and a fuller context, whereas points 8-33 are usually two or three sentences long as they are much easier to understand, and come straight from the Koranic, Biblical texts themselves.

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