Thanksgiving Trivia Game

How much do you know about the 1st Thanksgiving celebrated by the Pilgrims?

Mayflower II at Sea

In 1620 a group of people called the Pilgrims came to what they knew as the new world.  It was a mixed group of people who came with different motives.  The largest group of people were seeking to find a new place to live where they could worship in freedom and a place where they would be able to establish a community that was set apart like a city on a hill.  It was their aspiration to fulfill the commands that were taught by Jesus in Matthew 5: 14-16.  They wanted to be a city on the hill that demonstrated Christian virtue and they would be salt and light to the world reflecting the love and grace of Christ.  They wanted to be a truly Christian community that was set-apart from the world for the glory of God.

What do we really know about this group of people who sought to come to what we know as America?  This is a Trivia game that will help you learn about them and the hardships and circumstances they faced that produced the first Thanksgiving.

This trivia game is intended to be a fun way to learn about the Pilgrims.  Find a few minutes to sit around with friends and/or family members to make this an enjoyable learning experience!  Then take a few minutes to focus on your own Thanksgiving - praising God for his wonderful provisions and greatness!

There are ten questions in this trivia quiz.  

1.     The Pilgrims who came over on the Mayflower are best defined as a group from what English religious sect?

 a)  Puritans                                               b)  Non-Conformists

c)  Separatists                                           d)  Anabaptists


2.     To avoid religious persecution from officials in England, a number of Pilgrims moved to _________ in 1607.

 a)  Belgium                                                b)  Switzerland

           c)  Germany                                                d)  Holland


3.     On September 6, 1620 the Pilgrims departed on the ship Mayflower for the new world from what city? 

a)  London                                                    b)  Plymouth

c)  Dartmouth                                              d)  Southampton


4.     The number of passengers who finally departed England was ____________.

a)  95                                                               b)  125

          c)  102                                                              d)  107


5.     The Pilgrims obtained settlement permits in England for the New World.  The permits were for what intended location?

 a)  James River Area of Virginia (near Jamestown)         

b)  Hudson River Valley (near modern day NYC)

c)  Cape Code Area (modern day Mass) 

d)  Delaware River Bay Area (near NJ & DE)


6.     Where did the Passengers of the Mayflower actually first touch land on Saturday, November 11, 1620?

a)  Near present day Chatham, Mass(elbow) 

b)  Near present day Plymouth, Mass

c)  Nantucket Island just south of Cape Cod

d)  Provincetown Bay, inside tip of Cap Cod

e)  Halibut Point, Mass near Ipswich Bay


7.     The primary work that Separatist used for religious study and instruction was _______________?


a)  Geneva Bible

b)  King James Bible (1611)

c)  Book of Common Prayer

d)  Heidelberg Catechism


8.      On Friday, March 16, 1621 an American Indian came out of the woods from atop Watson’s Hill.  He was an extraordinarily tall man with long black hair.    He walked right up into the hamlet and row of houses into what was called Plymouth Plantation. When he stopped he saluted the Pilgrims and said “Welcome Englishmen.”   That native American was known as  ____________?


a)  Massasoit                                                     b)  Squanto

c)  Samoset                                                      d)  Quadequina


9.  For nearly a month the Mayflower explored Cap Cod bay.  On December 12, the Pilgrims decided that that they would make their settlement on the north side of Town Brook on the west side of Cap Cod bay.  They would call the settlement “Plymouth Plantation.”   They endured a hard long winter in make-shift shelter and a growing shortage of food during the winter of 1620/21.  By the end of March 1621, the percentage of passengers lost (died) is _________.   

 a)  48%                                                b)  57%

c)  52%                                                 d)  46%

e)  64%


10.  The “First Thanksgiving” was most likely celebrated in the month of October 1621.  Bradford & Winslow write in their accounts that the celebration lasted nearly a week where they had a variety of festivities where the Native Americans actually outnumbered the number of Pilgrims.  The American Indians and Pilgrims brought food for the celebration.  Which food was not apart of the original feast? 

a)  Venison                                                       b)  Squash/Pumpkin

c)  Fish (Cod & Bass)                                       d)  Cranberries

e)  Corn                                                             f)  Turkey