The "Who" Questions

  • Who am I?
  • Who has the most influence in my life?
  • Who can you trust?
  • Who is my ultimate authority?
  • Who really cares about me?

The "When" Questions

  • When life is over, what happens?
  • When will there be genuine peace?
  • When will we see true justice?
  • When does life begin?
  • When does God seem real to you?

The "Where" Questions

  • Where am I going?
  • Where can I find happiness or joy in life?
  • Where am I in my spiritual journey?
  • Where would you like to be in your spiritual journey?
  • Where are you in relationship with God?

The "How" Questions

  • How can I know if there is a God?
  • How do I know where I am ultimately going?
  • How can I get the most out of my life?
  • How do I know what to believe?
  • How good do you have to be to get to heaven?

The "Why" Questions

  • Why am I here?
  • Why is there something rather than nothing?
  • Why is there pain, evil and suffering?
  • Why does God seem so distant if he exists?
  • Why do so many people live unfulfilled lives?

The "What" Questions

  • What is the point or meaning of life?
  • What is truth?
  • What determines my ethical code for living?
  • What brings true and lasting contentment?
  • What happens at the end of life?