Keith Thomas - Executive Director

Keith is the full-time Executive Director of Quest Ministries since its founding in 2012. He grew up in the Pittsburgh area and went to Bryan College in Dayton, TN for 2 years.  He then transferred and graduated from Geneva College where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration.  After graduation, Keith worked in the Pittsburgh area for a few years before relocating to Washington, DC to work for the Architect of the Capitol for 6 years as a Human Resources Manager.  He then worked at the National Institutes of Health for 9 years in a similar function as a Human Resources Manager.  His HR functions were wide ranging such as Labor and Employee Relations, Training and Development, Alternative Dispute Resolution and a few other assignments.

In 1995 Keith graduated from Capital Bible Seminary with a MA in Theology.   At that point he began working with a National ministry part time and eventually moved to Pittsburgh to be the full-time Area Director with Search Ministries in 1999.  For the next fourteen years Keith worked focusing his efforts in marketplace ministries using relational evangelism, apologetics and discipleship.  

In 2012 Keith envisioned a new ministry in the Pittsburgh area that continues to focus on Relational Evangelism , Relational Discipleship and Relational Apologetics.    A group of men came together to support  and form a Board of Directors.  With their blessing and the support of many others, Quest Ministries was launched in June of 2012.  Greater details about the ministry philosophy of Quest can be found in our mission statement, values and the logo.  

Keith enjoys a number of different activities including shooting sports.  When opportunities present themselves, he coaches sports teams such as ice hockey or baseball.  He is a member of ETS (Evangelical Theological Society) and EPS (Evangelical Philosophical Society).   Favorite vacation spots include New Hampshire, Colorado and Wyoming where he and the family enjoy hiking and outdoor activities.

Keith and Karen met in Maryland and have been married since 1988.  They currently live in the northern suburbs of Pittsburgh in the Mars area.  Karen is a graduate of Liberty University and works in the profession of Elementary Education. They have been blessed with three boys all of whom are now adults.  We are delighted as each are married and currently live in Western Pennsylvania; Tyler (Katie), Bryan (Jessica), and Kyle (Rebekah).

Thomas family at the top of Mount Washington in the White Mountains of New Hampshire in the summer of 2016.

Thomas family at the top of Mount Washington in the White Mountains of New Hampshire in the summer of 2016.