Have you ever wondered where you can go for the best discipleship tools on the net?  Quest has narrowed down the list to the top five so that you can quickly find the resources that you need.  Each website has its own strengths and weaknesses but most of these have an abundance of information that will provide you with the tools, resources and information that will enable you and anyone else you might disciple to have tremendous information with the click of a mouse.  If you book-mark these pages on your browser you will have quick access to each of these depending on the specific task you have at hand.  Quest ministries does not endorse all positions or papers published on these sights but finds the vast majority to be in line with our statement of faith.  

1. Biblical Training


Biblical Training (BT) web sight is headed by Bill Mounce who has very strong credentials for heading up this ministry. He has experience as a Senior Pastor, a teacher at the undergraduate level and a teacher at the Seminary level. Mounce is best known for his textbooks in Greek that are standards in many Seminaries and Bible Colleges. Mounce is assisted by Bill Taylor who takes on day-to-day management of the website.  Mounce is widely published and a sought after speaker in Seminaries and Conferences. He was the Chair of the NT translation committee for the ESV Bible and was also on the translation committee for the NIV Bible.  He has a number of web sites billmounce.com

BT Headquarters is in Spokane, Washington.

The goal of BT is to help make fully-devoted disciples by creating world-class educational resources for use within the community of the church. This is a tremendous resource! They provide over 900 hours of training with high class instructors in each class. They currently offer 73 classes in a wide range of topics that are at least on the undergraduate level (if not Seminary). They have a tremendous line-up of classes starting with Foundations and Discipleship. Classes have audio/video links along with outlines and notes of what is covered. What is most interesting is the Bible Institute where students can enroll in a three year program. This is an outstanding resource that will equip and educate the average lay-person to have a first class education right on the web for free! Classes are taught by highly regarded scholars from a wide range within the evangelical tradition.  For a nominal fee, a person can enroll in any one of seven different certificate programs that is offered by Western Seminary through BT.

BT now has a application for iphone and/or iphone and both can be downloaded for free.   A number of the training modules can be accessed and downloaded from these applications.    The downloads can be audio and/or video depending on the students preferences.

2. Biblical Studies Foundation


Bible.org was originally founded in 1994 as the Biblical Studies Foundation by a person who wishes to remain anonymous. Bible.org is currently led by two men Michael Garrett and Hampton Keathley IV who have assembled a tremendous team to manage and update this web site.  Both are also authors of a number of articles.   The team has a great number of qualified writers, most of  who all have extensive training at the seminary level. Many of the writers have connections with or have been influence by Dallas Theological Seminary.  The number of articles and resources is impressive. Michael Garrett is the Executive Director.  Hampton Keithley is the Technical Director of Bible.org and also owner of Galaxie Software Galaxie.com who publishes electronic versions of various theological works including libraries of Theological Journals used that can also be used in conjunction with Logos Bible Software Logos.com.

Bible.org headquarters is in Richardson, Texas.

The website has hundreds of articles and resources to select from.  These include all the books of the bible (by numerous authors) and a wide range of topical subjects.  They also have several great resources for Men’s Ministry, Women’s Ministry, Children’s Ministry and Pastors. Each section has a wealth of resources and articles that enable the user to have a great grasp of information at your fingertips. They have a very impressive “Foundations” of the Christian faith series that touches on all the subjects that are necessary in a basic discipleship program. They also have an impressive line-up of classes that have audio and extensive class notes for each study.  In addition, Bible.org also has "Theology Program" that offers classes in six major areas of Theology.  Bible.org can be accessed via mobile devises - they have built in mechanisms that make viewing in mobile devises easier - well done!

Bible.org also has a strong association with those who are involved with the New English Translation (Net Bible) NET BIBLE. This is a tremendous work that has been translated by scholars from the original Greek and Hebrew texts. This Bible has exhaustive technical notes for each verse that has been translated. It is a resource that his highly respected by scholars in evangelical circles. The Net Bible can be used on your computer and has all of the extensive notes on-line.  The Net Bible has an application that can be used on both the iPhone and iPad. Both can be downloaded for free from iTunes.  These are GREAT applications!

3. Blue Letter Bible


Blue Letter Bible (BLB) is a tremendous resource that seeks to provide the web site with extensive Bible study reference tools.  It is headed by Jim Milligan who has assembled a team of people who have been working on the BLB since the mid 1990’s. It appears as if they may have some affiliation with Calvary Chapel ministries, as a number of their lectures come from those circles – but this is not exclusive.

BLB is headquartered in Rancho Santa Margarita, California.

Best stated the BLB is a Bible centered resource.  The BLB has at its core 12 different english translations of the bible along with this they have 6 different translations such as the LXX, Vulgate, and Greek NT.  What is most impressive is the ability to do basic word studies that enable you to look up the words in Dictionaries, Lexicons, and Concordances.  In addition, they have a nifty link to frequently asked questions about the word you are doing a study on.  This is a very good tool that will enable the user to conduct a basic bible study and/or word studies. The web based BLB has a wide range of commentaries, study tools, maps and images along with devotionals. They also have a section dedicated to women’s ministry resources.  They also allow for social network sharing.

In addition, what is also impressive is they have applications for both the ipad and the iphone. The BLB application is a resource to open the Bible. The iphone application allows one to select from nine different translations (six are on-line)! In addition – if desired, one can change the settings to compare two different translations side-by-side. The ipad BLB application currently has five different translations (two are on-line). The ipad BLB also allows for translation comparison settings.

In addition, they have a Bible Institute that has fourteen different classes with an impressive collection of well qualified lecturers. Each class can be “audited” or taken for “credit.” These would be classes that might be offered at any first year of Bible College.

4. Bible Gateway &  Gospelcom

biblegateway.org  &  gospelcom.net

Bible Gateway (BG) is without question one of the best and perhaps largest purely Bible resource website known. It was founded by Nick Hengeveld in 1993 when he was a student at Calvin College. Now working for Gospelcom.net, he has brought the Bible Gateway along with him to that web based hosting service for a wide-range of Christian Ministries.  Gospelcom.net is a significant web-based community of on-line ministries.  It would be difficult to list the vast number of ministries who are hosted by Gospelcom.net.  In addition, Gospelcom.net has a very large topical index and resources for bible study, topical subjects, various ministries audio and video sermons, etc.

BG  & Gospelcom headquarters is in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

The BG has a phenomenal number of Bibles in various translations. In all honesty it would be difficult to count the number! BG not only has numerous English Bibles it also has a VERY large number of Bibles in countless foreign languages. For instance you can look up a Bible verse in the NIV and then move to a translation in a wide range of different languages.  The number of  bible translations is VERY impressive.  Just a sampling is that they have translations in  German(5), Chinese(9), Swahili(1), Ukrainian(2), or any number of countless languages. It is a powerful tool.  This would allow you to look up a passage and send it to someone you know in their original language! BG also has an extensive number of audio Bibles! This is a great feature for the elderly or for just better comprehension of the text.  In addition, BG allows for you to share various items on social networking.  BG has free applications available for download for both the ipad and iphone from itunes.  They also have applications for the kindle reader and Android phones.

BG also has 13 different reading plans that can be customized. You can also have the reading plan sent to your personal e-mail address daily.

BG has additional resources such as dictionaries, ebooks, commentaries and devotionals. In addition, there is a built in capacity to link to various Bible study resources that are available from various Gospel.com organizations such as Intervarsity, Navigators, RBC Ministries, and Ron Hutchcraft ministries, just to name a few.

5. Sonic Light


Sonic Light is a web resource from Dr. Thomas Constable. Dr. Constable has extensive ministry experience being a Senior Pastor at Plano Bible Church and most recently he was a professor and chairman of the Department of Bible Exposition at Dallas Theological Seminary. The web page is a compilation of his class-notes and teaching while at the Seminary. Sonic Light has a few other contributors who are well-qualified teachers.

Sonic Light's headquarters is in Garland, Texas.

Sonic Light has resources in both audio and pdf format of the entire Bible – book by book. The audio is a recording of Dr. Constable’s lecture for that particular section. Dr. Constable’s lifetime of ministry of teaching at the seminary level is unparalleled and well worth your consideration for personal development, training, and resources that will expand your ability to teach and/or lead small group studies.